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Bizarre Entrevista a Marilyn Manson y Rudy Coby

Marilyn Manson y su amigo Rudy Coby han dado entrevistas a la Revista Bizarre pero la mas extensa es la que ha dado el mago Rudy Coby donde habla mucho de su relacion de amistad con Marilyn Manson, como se conocieron y otras anectodas. La senda nota tambien incluye una entrevista a Manson donde habla de magia, su amistad con Coby y más.

Aca pueden leer la entrevista en su idioma original:

What was the first magic trick you did?

Pro-life protesters used to gather at an intersection near my home, so I went to a magic store and bought a hand-held flash gun that shoots flames out of your palm. There was a guy who looked over 70 years old, holding a sign picturing an aborted baby. I pulled up next to him in my car, rolled down the window, and said, "I have a message from Satan", and "Boom!" - I fired a flash cannon off in his face. He ran, and I respect the fact that someone that old could actually run. I'm assuming he ran back to his church and told the tale to confirm that the Devil is real, but it was actually great to see a guy so terrified by a magic trick that cost $21,99, which was a difficult amount of money to get, but I did stil from a girls purse - that was magic, too.

You're a member of the exclusive Magic Castle club. Did you have to audition?

They gave me an honorary membership because they knew I could make girls disappear and that I cause chaos on a regular basis. If they'd asked, I would've performed my favourite magic trick, which is cutting a girl in half. The big question is, which half do you want? The one that talks, or the one that you fuck? And it is a dilemma. Maybe it's both, if you do it right.

What other illusions do you like?

I discovered an interesting party trick with a Hitler/Chaplin moustache that I glued on my face once. I alterned between wearing a bowler hat and an SS hat, so I was a funny guy one moment, and a not-funny guy the next. It's fascinating how a hat can change the entire scope of facial hair - that's magic.

What were your first impressions of Rudy?

I immediately dubbed him 'Vanilla Lugosi', because his hair was like a mix between Bela Lugosi and Vannila Ice. It was meant to be insulting, bu he laughed and he instantly came in with the same opinions and criticisms about everything that I have. Rudy has an amazing understanding of performance and he convinced me to bring out a lot of things I wouldn't have done at the time. That's how our relationship started - and, he also gave me a prosthetic head of his, which I later used for oral sex, but not on me, just in general... I meant moral sex.

How did Rudy influence your shows?

Rudy has given me more knowledge about art than any other friend or colleague. At one point, he just wanted to be Goebbels to my Hitler or Gala to my Dali, and that's when he lived with me. But I think that Rudy's a genius and I couldn't be happier to see he's back doing what he does. This would be a perfect picture - David Blane and David Copperfield blowing each other, while Rudy just stands there with his perfect hair.

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