miércoles, 19 de septiembre de 2012

Cantautor Charles Manson Envia Mensaje a Marilyn Manson

Charles Manson, artista y asesino, le escribió una carta a Marilyn Manson desde la carcel pidiendole donaciones a su Fundacion Ecologista que tienen sus seguidores en su nombre. A continuacion el texto integro de la carta:

 " To Marilyn Manson –
It’s taken me a long time to get there from where I could touch M. Manson. Now I got a card to play – you may look into my non-profit, ATWA, and give Manson what you think he’s got coming for Air, Trees, Water, and you. Or I will pay Manson what you think Manson got coming – the music has make Manson into Abraxas Devil, and I’m SURE you would want some of what I got from what I got. It’s a far out balance. Beyond good and bad, right, wrong. What you don’t do is what I will do – what you did a sing-along, and let it roll and said how you saved me a lot of steps – I don’t need, it’s not a need or a want. Couped – coup. Ghost dancers slay together and you’re just in my grave Sunstroker Corona-coronas-coronae – you seen me from under with it all standing on me. That’s 2 dump trucks – doing the same as CMF 000007
Charles Manson

Pronto esperamos tener la traduccion.

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